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What is a biopsy?

A biopsy involves removing a small piece of tissue. After your doctor removes the tissue, he/she places it into a special fluid that is sent to Pathology Associates of St. Thomas (medical doctors who specialize in evaluating this tissue for cancer and other disease) for evaluation.

How is a biopsy processed?

The specimen is processed through a chemical solution and embedded in a wax mold. Very thin slices are then mounted on glass slides and stained with special dyes. This process makes the cells visible for examination through a microscope by the pathologists at Pathology Associates of St. Thomas.

What happens next?

After the pathologist has completed his/her diagnosis, your physician is notified. Each tissue is unique, and some take longer than others. Your physician will notify you of the pathology results and any further treatment that may be necessary.

Who will bill for my biopsy?

Pathology Associates of St. Thomas billing service works directly with your physicians’ office to bill primary and secondary insurance. If you should have any questions regarding the bill for your biopsy, please call our billing office at 1-615-298-4100.

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